17 Celebrities Who Used To Work In Fast Food

1 Chris Pratt Splash News Before he was training raptors, it looks like Chris Pratt used to flip burgers. He’s worked at burger restaurants and he also worked for Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

2 Queen Latifah WENN Queen Latifah’s first job was at a Burger King, when she was only 15-years-old.

3 James Franco Getty Images James Franco worked the late-shift at the drive-thru for McDonald’s, which he wrote an extensive article about for The Washington Post.

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4 Barack Obama Splash News Yup, that’s right! Before we were calling him POTUS and he was making amazing waves in politics for the LGBT community , Barrack Obama worked at a Baskin Robbins. We wonder what his favorite ice cream flavor is.

5 Pink Getty Images Back when she was Alecia Beth Moore, our favorite rocker-lady worked at a few different fast food joints, such as Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, and Wendy’s.

6 Brad Pitt Splash News After dropping out of college to pursue a career in acting, Brad Pitt wound up paying the bills by dressing up as a chicken while working for El Pollo Loco.

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7 Rachel McAdams Splash News When she was a teenager, Rachel worked for McDonald’s and since then has said she “wasn’t the best employee”. She even broke something while working there!

8 Madonna Splash News Not only did Madonna work for Dunkin Donuts, she was fired from there. Why you ask? She accidentally squirted jelly all over a customer. Oops!

9 Jay Leno NBC Way before he was the former-host of The Tonight Show, Jay Leno used to work the hamburger fryer for McDonald’s, which was his first gig as a teenager.

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10 Macy Gray WENN Like a lot of people on this list, one of Macy Gray’s first jobs was working for McDonald’s.

11 Fred Durst Splash News Back before his music career took off, Fred Durst worked at a Florida McDonald’s.

12 Eva Longoria Getty Images Eva Longoria worked at her local Wendy’s in order to pay for her quinceaƱara and wound up staying for six years

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13 Sharon Stone Splash News/Restylane Before fame, Sharon Stone worked as a cashier at a Pennsylvania McDonald’s.

14 Nick Cannon WENN After his mother forced him to get a job, Nick Cannon worked at a Wienerschnitzel as a drive-thru cashier.

15 Jennifer Hudson WENN As a young teen, Jennifer Hudson made her money by working at the local Burger King.

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16 Amy Adams WENN To earn money for college, Amy Adams worked as a hostess-then-waitress for Hooters.
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