Busting myths about female sexuality

We may have come a long way from thinking that women don’t like sex. There still are, however, quite a few myths surrounding female sexuality. And we’re here to bust them!

Women are not as visual as men

What does that even mean? Got eyes, will see. Got an imagination, will fantasise. We may be a little more subtle at the art of showing our appreciation, but we are definitely visual and we sure enjoy a good view.

Orgasms are not important to women

The fact is, we may enjoy sex without climaxing, but that doesn’t mean that orgasms aren’t important to us. Women love the big O as much as the next man and we’d love you even more if you’re able to get us there frequently.

If you’re dry, it means you aren’t turned on

Vaginal dryness could be caused due to a number of things including, but not limited to, condoms, medication and menopause. Also, some women may get wetter than others, and if your body doesn’t produce enough lubrication, that doesn’t mean that you’re not aroused.

Women don’t masturbate

Yes, we totally do, and no, there’s nothing wrong in it. Not only do we masturbate, but we also invest and indulge in toys that help us with it.

Women are unable to have casual sex

It’s not to say that we’re shallow and all that, but we’re very capable of having casual flings and one-night stands, and no-strings-attached sex. We love it if we have an emotional connect with the men we’re with, but sometimes, we can make do without it.
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