Man caught on CCTV stealing cell phone of local resident

A Sector 19 resident, Gurpreet Singh, lodged a police complaint attaching a CCTV footage of a suspect, alleging that the suspect escaped after stealing his smartphone worth Rs 15,500 from his rented accommodation on Sunday. Police have lodged a DDR and started the investigation.

The incident took place around 6.45 am. The suspect, who was dressed in a checked shirt and jeans, had stayed in the house of Singh for around six minutes and also attempted to enter other rooms but failed as these rooms were locked. Singh said, “I was sleeping and my cell phone was in charging mode. When I got up, I found my cell phone was missing. Some other youths and I checked the CCTV camera footage, installed in the lobby, and found the suspect entering the house and leaving in mysterious circumstances.”

Inspector Daleep Rattan, SHO of Sector 19 police station, said they have started the investigation and suspect will be caught shortly. Police sources said the youth had come in a car to the house of Singh.

Recently, a woman escaped after stealing a cell phone from a PG house in Sector 15. The woman was spotted by some local residents and later a complaint was filed with the Sector 11 police station.

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