Nagpada: Day after griddle hits minor, police question highrise residents; girl still critical

A day after an eight-year-old girl was injured after a steel griddle landed on her head in Nagpada, the police are questioning residents of the highrise from where the griddle was allegedly thrown. No arrests have been made in the case, while the victim, despite signs of improvement, remains critical. Hazequa, a student of Class 3, was walking home after her tuition classes around 11 am Friday when a griddle fell from the 20-storied Danish apartment in Madanpura, Mumbai, and hit her on the head. She collapsed and was admitted to Nair Hospital, where she is currently receiving treatment. “The griddle was thrown from one of the floors of the apartment. We are calling in all residents from the building and questioning them. We have the griddle, as evidence, with us and will soon find out the accused,” said Sub-Inspector Sagar Khondre, investigating officer for the case under Nagapa police station. Police are also checking the CCTV footage from the area for more evidence.

On Hazequa’s condition, her father Faizan Abdul Karim Kapadia said, “She opened her eyes last night around 12.55 am. There was some body movement as well. Even today she moved her body, so there is improvement, but she is still very critical. She is still on ventilator in the ICU and her breathing is irregular. Apart from that, her heart rate and other vitals are normal. Doctors removed the ventilator for a while, but did not get the desired response so they put it back on.” “Whoever threw that griddle that hurt my girl, he or she should come forward. I’m ready to forgive them. All I want is my daughter to get better and smile, laugh and run, like she used to. That is the most important thing. I don’t care about anything else,” Kapadia added. Doctors are monitoring Hazequa’s condition constantly. “Our best neurosurgeons are attending to her. Her condition is still serious because of the head injury. But we are putting all our efforts into her treatment and are trying our best,” said Dr R N Bharmal, dean at Nair Hospital.

Police say there have been past incidences of things being thrown from the apartment. So far, no witnesses have come forward. “I have confidence in the police and they are working round-the-clock to find the person who threw the griddle. He will not be able to hide for long,” Kapadia said. “The hospital is taking very good care of my daughter and we have received immense support from everyone, ranging from neighbours to Hazequa’s school. I’m asking everyone to pray for my little girl,” he added. The Nagpada police have registered a case against an unknown accused under Section 338 (causing grievous hurt by act endangering life or personal safety of others) of the Indian Penal Code.

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