New ARSR Game Mode Coming Soon to PBE

League of Legends: New ARSR Game Mode Coming Soon to PBE

Prepare for All Random Summoner’s Rift!

Courtesy of League of Legends

While the most popular map of League of Legends is Summoner’s Rift by a landslide, it’s easy to forget that other maps and game modes exist. For example, the Twisted Treeline is designed for 3v3 games, the Howling Abyss is designed for 1v1 games, and the Crystal Scar is home to rotating game modes Ascension and Definitely Not Dominion.

In a post on the League of Legends boards, L4T3NCY announced that a new game mode called ARSR is coming soon to the PBE for testing. The game mode is simply Summoner’s Rift but every player is randomly given a champion from their own champion pool and the free-to-play rotation champions. Rerolls will be allowed but will be shared with ARAM. In addition, gold, experience, keys, and chests will be earned as normal. Unlike the normal game mode, ARSR is intended to be a casual game mode designed to be played for fun.

Although there are no plans to make ARSR a permanent addition to League of Legends just yet, L4T3NCY stated that they’re not entirely against the idea either. The main reason is because ARSR wouldn’t require as much upkeep as a game mode like Dominion did so it would be easy to keep the new game mode around. If that happens, ARSR would be the first game mode to be permanently added to League of Legends since Dominion was removed from the game back in February 2016.