Postgame Player Cards Up for Possible Revisions

Overwatch: Postgame Player Cards Up for Possible Revisions

Overwatch Game Director invites feedback on Player Cards.

Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

At the end of every Overwatch match, four players who performed exceptionally well during the game are nominated to receive votes from their peers. The votes don’t actually reward extra experience or loot boxes, they just exist as a way for players to express who they thought was MVP of that particular game. While some Player Cards display informative stats like “60 Eliminations” or “75% Kill Participation”, others are not as insightful or reflective of the true value a player brought to their team.

For example, a Reaper who earned 5 Gold Medals during a match may not necessarily get that on his Player Card. Instead, he may get “Most Souls Consumed,” which is just downright silly because he’s the only Hero who can even consume souls aside from the enemy Reaper so of course he’s going to consume the most souls. Fortunately, that may change in the future.

In a post on the forums, Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan said:

“We can take a look at cards that don’t feel good and adjust the tuning. A screenshot of the cards helps us a lot (so we can see what the other cards were).

Also, if you have new card ideas or cards you don’t like seeing, that’s all great feedback and we’d love to hear it.”

One possible adjustment to the stats on Player Cards would be to change the wording on healer cards. For example, a Mercy will get a card that reads “9001 Healing Done, 34% of Team Damage Taken.” By the current phrasing, it sounds like Mercy actually tanked 34% of the damage her team took which is inaccurate. A slightly better wording could be something along the lines of “9001 Healing Done, Healed 34% of Team Damage Taken .”