Power-hitting coach Wood to assist Australia for CT preparations


Power-hitting coach Wood to assist Australia for CT preparations

Cricbuzz Staff • Last updated on Fri, 31 Mar, 2017, 03:21 PM

Darren Lehmann-led coaching staff will be assisted by Julian Wood, whose power-hitting expertise will come in handy © Getty

As revealed by Cricbuzz in February, former Hampshire batsman Julian Wood has been hired to help with Australia’s preparations ahead of this summer’s Champions Trophy.

Wood is now a specialist batting coach who focuses on power hitting and has previously worked with a number of counties including Middlesex, Gloucestershire and Hampshire as well as the England squad. He will attend a ten-day training camp in Australia in May and work as part of Darren Lehmann’s coaching staff.

Wood has pioneered his Power Hitting system which uses both overload and underload training. His techniques include using weighted balls, heavy and light bats and bungee ropes and progress is measured to work out a player’s power transfer ratio all with the aim of getting a player to hit the ball harder, further and more consistently.

“To strike a ball consistently hard you need to be able to develop good quick hand speed, a solid base with good balance and good clear access to the ball,” Wood, who has been the cricket professional at Bradfield College for the past twelve years, told Cricbuzz. “Proper mechanics are essential to learning to hit the ball consistently with authority.

“Power Hitting is just part of it. The modern day cricketer needs a power, touch and skill game. I not only look at the Power Hitting side of things but how to create angles to create placement which enables more power options. If the ball is delivered at 80mph, I want it to leave the bat at 100mph.

“Players will have areas where they hit the ball hard, hot zones, and areas where they’re not so good, cold zones. I work with players to make their hot zones as large as possible and turn cold zones into hot ones.”

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