Shunyota: CBFC clears film with two cuts, 4 mutes

THE CENTRAL Board of Film Certification (CBFC) on Friday recommended two cuts and four mutes for Bengali film Shunyota (Emptiness), which is based on the effects of demonetisation on the common man. Film director Suvendu Ghosh said he will follow the recommendations and submit a revised DVD of the movie to the body’s regional office in Kolkata on Monday. “They have asked me to delete two sequences and mute some dialogues. In all these scenes, people speak about the effects of demonetisation and how they had been impacted. They have issued a U/A certificate and recommended cuts in two short stories, which were earlier cleared by CBFC in the short film section. Nonetheless, the film is finally getting released and I am happy,” he said.

Ghosh, who had received a call from the CBFC’s Mumbai office, asking him to contact the regional office in Kolkata about the development, said he would have to redesign the film posters and look for a new release date. “With these recommendations, it is now clear that the content of the movie had delayed its certification,” he said. A letter signed by the regional officer of CBFC in Kolkata, Ajay Mhamia, read: “As per the directives of the chairperson, CBFC as well as the recommendations of the examining committee, your film has been passed for issue of certificate under U/A category with the cuts as follows. On the basis of content, theme and overall presentation of the film, it requires parental guidance for children below 12 years of age. Therefore, the film is graded as U/A.”

The suggested cuts included comments on demonetisation. A scene, where a character says “we cannot accept the procession of unwarranted deaths of a large number of people due to note ban”, would have to be removed. Another dialogue that would have to go is — “the government has caused trouble to everyone”. The dialogues which have to be muted include “big fishes will get away while small fries will be caught”, “this led to the death of so many helpless people” and “the subject is closer to reality”.

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