Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard Have the Exact Relationship I Want With My Partner

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How much I relate to Kristen Bell (particularly as a very short woman attached to a rather tall, funny man) is probably off-putting to those who aren’t as familiar with (or enthusiastic about) the actress and mom of two. For one, I’m not an actress or a mom, so, at first glance, the differences might seem to outweigh the similarities. But when it comes to her outlook on love and marriage, Bell and I are kindred spirits – and her relationship with Dax Shepard is one that I would happily mimic.

Bell has been married to fellow actor Shepard since 2013, and their path to marriage was the first indication I had that the former Veronica Mars star and her husband are the celebrity couple I most identify with when it comes to my own relationship with my fiancé. They began dating in 2007, became engaged in 2010, but put off marrying for several years. As a long-term engaged lady who has been in a relationship for over 7 years, engaged for nearly 5, and is in no rush to walk down the aisle, I admire the fact that Bell, like me, hasn’t centered her life around a wedding.

“We’ve been very vocal about not wanting to be married in a state that doesn’t allow that right to all of its citizens. We’ll wait until California gets on the right side of history,” Bell said in 2012, when asked about her wedding plans. Though Bell and Shepard’s reasoning was political and ethical, mine has been more a matter of life getting in the way of the planning, paying for, and throwing of a wedding. But the point remains the same: The act of getting married isn’t the most important aspect of my or Bell’s relationship.

When the two did eventually tie the knot after the Defense of Marriage Act was overturned in June 2013, Bell “re-proposed” via Twitter and Shepard responded with an enthusiastic “fuck yes.” It warmed my heart, and I’d be lying if I said it didn’t remind me, at its core, of my own engagement story: “Hey, wanna get married?” my sweaty fiancé said to sweaty me after we’d spent 12 hours moving across Brooklyn into a new apartment. “Fuck yes” (or the gist of it) was also my response. Perfectly casual, perfectly us.

Bell and Shepard’s $142 wedding in October of that same year (which Shepard once jokingly referred to as the “world’s worst wedding”) was a courthouse affair, without all the bells and whistles typically associated with Hollywood weddings. But that didn’t stop Bell from getting teary-eyed, and who could blame her? She was marrying her best friend in a ceremony that was just about them and their love for one another. I’ve fielded plenty of opinions regarding my own wedding specifics since I got engaged nearly 5 years ago, and when I do eventually get married, my goal is to make it something that’s more about us than something meant to satisfy other peoples’ expectations – just like Bell did.

And Bell’s emotional response to the casual ceremony didn’t stop Shepard from making fun of her, because if one thing’s certain, it’s that these two know how to make one another laugh – yet another aspect of their silly partnership that I always want to keep in my own relationship.

They know how to have fun with one another, something that’s also yet to change in my long-term relationship (and, ideally, never will). Just watch their rendition of Toto’s “Africa” – filmed while they were, in fact, vacationing in Africa – and try not to smile as you feel the love and joy radiating off of these two. This goofiness, in my opinion, is the surest way to maintain the genuine love and best friendship that helps a marriage go the distance and avoid eventually feeling like a glorified roommate situation, once the so-called “honeymoon period” ends.

Silly videos and playful teasing aside, these two always remind you that the serious stuff matters, too – traditional vows include “for better or worse” for a reason, and being able to anticipate your partner’s needs during disastrous, life-changing moments is key to a successful long-term relationship. For instance, in 2013, Bell told Redbook an emotional story about the time she surprised her then almost-husband by showing up, heavily pregnant, at his terminally ill father’s bedside (a story that had previous been shared by Shepard via his blog):

“We finished shooting [House of Lies] a day early, and this feeling came over me that Dax needed me. So I got on a place, without telling him, and walked into the hospital room. And sure enough, it had been a bad day and Dax and his dad had gotten some rough news. Two days later, his dad passed away. I was meant to be there.”


Did Kapil Sharma’s Nurse Rochelle Rao BREAK Marc Robinson-Waluscha De Sousa’s MARRIAGE?

When event organiser and fashion choreographer Marc Robinson parted ways with Waluscha De Sousa his wife of 11 years and mother of their three children in 2012, reports suggested that Marc’s close friendship with model-turned-actress Navneet Dhillon was the reason behind the split. Robinson shot back in a section of the media saying that “the truth as to who walked out on whom and for what truthful reason” would be revealed in court and would “surprise” everyone. On the other hand, Waluscha came out saying only: “I’ve never commented on my personal life before and don’t intend to moving forward as well. It’s a private matter and I’d appreciate it if people respected that.”

Last night, stumbled upon some heated exchanges which took place in the Family Court where Waluscha hit out at Marc. Till date, Waluscha and Rochelle cannot stand each other. This is one unknown fact (untill now) in the industry.

The spotlight is obviously on Rochelle because her on-going show with Kapil Sharma has been grabbing headlines almost everyday from March 16 when Kapil beat up Sunil Grover on their return flight from Australia

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Image Source: mediaresources

While Marc has still not kept his word on revealing who walked out on whom, before we tell you Waluscha’s spit of fire, let us tell you that it was Waluscha who filed for divorce. Marc, can you deny this?

And here is the shocker. Besides accusing him of liaisons with a couple of other females from the industry, Waluscha also spelt out that her husband got up close and personal with Rochelle Rao, who plays the nurse in The Kapil Sharma Show (aired on Sony).

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It is a given that Marc denied Waluscha’s allegations.

A source says, “Rochelle ka naam Court mein baar baar liya gaya tha, aur end tak liya ja raha tha.”

When contacted this evening, Rochelle did not feign ignorance on the fact that her name had been discussed in the husband-wife battle in the Court.

Rochelle told, “Look, this is a matter between husband and wife, so I really wouldn’t like to talk about this.”

Image Source: hdpics

Rochelle competed in the fifth Pantaloons Femina Miss India South pageant in January 2012 where she was First Runner Up. She lost the title to Shamata Anchan. She later participated at Femina Miss India and emerged as the Femina Miss India International 2012 winner. She represented India at Miss International 2012 pageant held in October 2012 (Okinawa, Japan) where she ranked ninth out of 68 contestants.

Earlier this year, Rochelle got engaged to TV actor Keith Sequeria and she spoke about this at length to in an EXCLUSIVE interview on March 14.

Image Source: magnet

As for Waluscha, she was an instant hit on the ramp back in the 90s after being spotted by Wendell Rodricks. A few months ago, she was seen as Shah Rukh Khan’s wife in Fan, but the film didn’t do any wonders for her.

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A source says, “Rochelle ka naam Court mein baar baar liya gaya tha, aur end tak liya ja raha tha.”When contacted this evening, Rochelle did not feign ignorance on the fact that her name had been discussed in the husband-wife battle in the Court.Rochelle told, “Look, this is a matter between husband and wife, so I really wouldn’t like to talk about this.”When asked if she had been asked to appear in the Court, Rochelle remained tight-lipped. “No comments,” she quipped.Rochelle competed in the fifth Pantaloons Femina Miss India South pageant in January 2012 where she was First Runner Up. She lost the title to Shamata Anchan. She later participated at Femina Miss India and emerged as the Femina Miss India International 2012 winner. She represented India at Miss International 2012 pageant held in October 2012 (Okinawa, Japan) where she ranked ninth out of 68 contestants.Earlier this year, Rochelle got engaged to TV actor Keith Sequeria and she spoke about this at length to in an EXCLUSIVE interview on March 14.We contacted Waluscha for her version and the calls went unanswered. Later she texted to say, “Sorry, I missed your call. I can’t talk. I am at an event. Please message if anything.” We texted her the story, but she chose not to revert this time.As for Waluscha, she was an instant hit on the ramp back in the 90s after being spotted by Wendell Rodricks. A few months ago, she was seen as Shah Rukh Khan’s wife in Fan, but the film didn’t do any wonders for her.

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Gavin Rossdale Dating German Model

Rocker Gavin Rossdale has reportedly embarked on a new romance with a German model 24 years his junior.

The Bush frontman has been linked to 27-year-old Sophia Thomalla, who he was photographed kissing after a dinner date in London earlier this week (ends31Mar17), reports

“It’s very early days but Gavin is really taken by Sophia,” a source tells Britain’s The Sun. “They met on the touring scene and there’s plenty of chemistry. They’re having fun and the relationship has the potential to turn serious.”

Gavin has yet to comment on the love life developments, which emerge weeks after the Brit played down reports suggesting he had enjoyed a relationship with golfer Tiger Woods’ ex-wife Elin Nordegren.

The singer revealed mutual pals hooked them up, and although they had been in touch digitally, they never actually set up a date.

“A friend was, like, ‘You have to meet Elin, she’s amazing,” he told The Sun in early March (17). “So I texted her a couple of times to say hello. She lives in Florida. She’s a really great girl. But I’ve never met her.”

Gavin, 51, has been single since parting ways with Gwen Stefani in August, 2015 after 13 years of marriage. The former couple, parents to three sons, finalised their divorce last year (16).

He is also dad to model Daisy Lowe, who is just a few months older than his rumored new girlfriend Sophia.

The German beauty is no stranger to rocker relationships – she previously dated Rammstein star Till Lindemann, and wed Andy LaPlegua from Norwegian band Icon of Coil in March, 2016, although it appears that marriage was short-lived.


Russell Brand Still Feels ‘Very Warm’ Towards Ex-Wife Katy Perry

Russell Brand still has “very warm” feelings towards his ex-wife Katy Perry.

The 41-year-old comedian was married to Chained to the Rhythm star Katy for just 14 months, between October 2010 and December 2011, before he filed for divorce.

Both have since moved on with their lives, with Russell now father to daughter Mabel with fiancee Laura Gallacher, but that doesn’t mean the Finding Sarah Marshall star holds any grudges over the premature end to his marriage.

“I have come away from that experience and I still feel very warm towards her,” he said, during an interview on U.K. TV show John Bishop In Conversation With. “When I hear about her or see her, I think ‘Ah, there’s that person, that person in the world’.”

Speaking about the end of the marriage, Russell explained: “Katy was obviously very, very occupied and busy. I was occupied and busy but not to the same degree. The marriage didn’t last for a very long time and I think that is due to the undulating nature of fame, living in those conditions.”

Russell has been linked to his fair share of celebrities over the years, with his famous exes including Kate Moss, Geri Halliwell and Jemima Khan.

But Russell describes it as a “f***ing relief” when he met his wife-to-be Laura, because their bond was unlike anything he has experienced before.

“The bond between my partner and I is based on something that is very earthed,” Russell gushed. “We are friends, we are very good friends. When I’m talking to her, I’m very plainly chatting.

“I thank God for something normal, something real. Not something that’s going to break apart and be nothing.”

Becoming a father has also had a dramatic impact on Russell’s life, with the comedian blown away by daughter Mabel every day. Speaking about the four-month-old tot, Russell mused: “The thing that has been the most spectacular thing in my life has been the most ordinary thing: a baby came out, like all of us did, the same experience we’ve all had.”


Love Will Keep Us Alive

Where even inter-caste marriage becomes an issue, how open are we about inter-religious marriages? (Source: Thinkstock images) Where even inter-caste marriage becomes an issue, how open are we about inter-religious marriages? (Source: Thinkstock images)

Disclaimer: This is a true story of love jihad, based on real characters in real circumstances. The names of the characters haven’t been changed (it’s a different thing that I haven’t named any of them).

Oh yeah, it is a filmi romance — a girl from the sleepy, lake town of Udaipur; a boy, two years her senior in college, from badass Bombay (uh-huh, Mum…baai). A college picnic in the remote, forested tribal lands of Jadhol. A few students from the picnic group go on a trek. The girl and the boy get lost in the jungle. Alone. Period. Need we say any more?

The girl is from a Bohra joint family, which has a history of love marriages from the early 1960s. Hindu-Muslim, Shia-Sunni, you name it. The reason: the grandparents — the matriarch and patriarch of the family — were both much ahead of their times. But the girl’s mother is a conservative Bohra, wanting to marry her daughter into a pious, godfearing family. What? A son-in-law without a beard? The clean-shaven, agnostic husband has been more than enough on her nerves all these years, thank you very much.

The boy, a rebel from a joint business family, an Agarwal — pure descendants of Agrasena himself, that too. Love marriage? Love happens after marriage, anyway. Inter-caste marriage? Unheard of. Inter-religious marriage? Heart-stopping. “Chhoro naak katavega!”

The boy and girl break the news to respective next of kin, or rather the news breaks itself. Ishq aur khansi chhupaane se nahi chhipti (love and cough can’t be kept secret), the girl’s mom’s prophetic words come true.

Both the sides are appalled, but they still have faith in providence. Surely, this is jawaani ka josh, which will soon die down. When it doesn’t, hell starts to break loose. A small word of caution travels from the boy’s family to the girl’s, through a common acquaintance. The boy hears about it and travels from Mumbai to Udaipur to apologise and have a word with the girl’s dad, a well-known and mild-mannered naturalist. They meet on the banks of the famous Fatehsagar Lake; both the wanting-to-be groom and the not-wanting-to-be father-in-law arriving on their scooters.

Boy: I really love your daughter.

Father: Boy, what’s the sense of it all? Your family is opposed to it, my wife is opposed to it. How will you make it work?

Boy: We will. You see…

Father: Hang on a second! Do you see that turtle there? Do you know about the hardness of its shell? (Father goes on to explain the scientific reason). But, my boy, what will happen when you have children? When they go to your place, they’ll teach them namaste, when they come to our place, we’ll teach them salaam.

Boy: Oh, it’ll all work out since we love each other.

Father: Wait a minute! Do you see that bird on the tree trunk? Do you know why it makes its nest there at that particular angle? (Another explanation follows). You know what, why don’t you both just run away and get married? I can’t convince her mother. You have my blessings.

The father is not spared the trouble as the couple doesn’t elope. However, the girl and boy realise that trying to wait for the families to agree one fine day is like waiting for a flight on a bus stand. The girl, with the secret help of her hassled father, calls her mama from Mumbai to convince his fiery sister. The boy, pursuing his MBA, conveys to his father that it’s either this marriage or lifelong celibacy. The father grudgingly agrees. And so does the girl’s mommy after a night-long convincing about fate and faith by her elder brother.

The boy, with the girl’s father, approaches the district court in Udaipur to file for their court marriage. The lawyer looks at them as if they have let loose venomous snakes on him. “Boss, why do you want to incite communal riots in our peaceful city?” It takes him a day to locate and pull out the dusty form for an inter-religious court marriage.

The boy, seeing the supreme reluctance of the lawyer, approaches the Mumbai courts. Without even looking up, the babu at the registrar, says, “Which date do you want? The 14th of February is completely booked.”

The small-town girl and the guy from the metro get married in the Mumbai court, and squeeze their way out after signing the paper, as the registrar calls, “Next!” When they emerge from the crowded court, they see the two Mummyjis hugging each other and crying, and not out of joy.

People forget that there is always a reception before the “happily ever after.” In the evening, with just the two families and a handful of friends, the wedding reception is held at a resort. While the couple flashes 200 watt smiles, the rest look like fused bulbs.

Yes, it has been a filmi journey for us, minus the slow motion shots and background music. After more than a decade of being married, the families have accepted us wholeheartedly, opening their hearts and their minds. They have changed for us, and that speaks volumes. But isn’t that how societies and the world change, one heart at a time? And what our society needs more than ever today is love jihad. Let’s tickle the tender sentiments of the anti-Romeo (and anti-Juliet?) brigade and mix it all together so that they are completely confused about who to place before the firing squad. For, I believe, we do not have to save love. Love will save us.

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Maturity came after marriage, says Umesh Yadav

Umesh Yadav has grown leaps and bounds as a bowler over the years. Umesh Yadav has grown leaps and bounds as a bowler over the years.

It took some prodding from wife Tanya and vital tweaking in bowling to find the correct length and focus for Umesh Yadav as he transformed from erratic tearaway to dependable spearhead. Bharat Sundaresan listens in as India’s latest pace sensation traces back his run-up to success…

You have found new ways to take wickets this season, intimidating the Aussies in Dharamsala to beguiling them with cutters in Bangalore.

I have been working really hard over the last 10-12 months. The first thing I was focusing on was getting consistent with my line and length. To ensure that I land the ball exactly where I want to land the ball at will. Then it came to getting batsmen out. These days I keep an eye on batsmen a lot more, observe their footwork closely. I have also started using the crease to develop new angles of delivery this season, especially the last 6-7 months. I first study the batsman, to see what ball is troubling him, which ones he’s comfortable against. On that basis, I make my plans. So if I see he’s playing me off the back-foot then I know I have to keep targeting him with full-length deliveries. Because he’s waiting to play me off the backfoot, and a full ball will trouble him.

That’s how I plan. Then there are batsmen who stand covering the off-stump, so I have to get them out by using a wide angle. If I keep bowling from close to the stumps every ball, they’ll get used to me. So I make sure to bowl from wide of the crease. But when I can bowl from the corner of the crease, and then get the bowl to swing away from the right-hander from that angle, that becomes difficult for him. He will play with the straight bat, and will get into trouble. Anil bhai (Kumble) and Sanjay bhai (Bangar) have been of great help. Sanjay bhai was the one who told me about working with these angles. He said you have pace and everything else. But if you start using the angle then you will become more dangerous with that variation. It took me 4-6 months to get comfortable with it.

Former bowling coach Bharat Arun said you like to practice something new with the action before feeling comfortable…

I tried it out in the nets. You have to change your run-up a little. Different bowlers try different ways to do it. Some just run in straight like they do normally and then jump wide, others start running in from wide. Some corner to corner. It all depends on your jump and landing. It takes some time for your muscles to get used to that movement. Initially there will be some issues. Kabhi aapka angle galat ho jaata hai. You want to pitch it somewhere, but you end up sliding it wide. That’s why you need to practise it a lot before trying it in the match.

The Umesh Yadav of old would bowl a lot of great spells but wasn’t known to be someone who thinks batsmen out…

These things come through when you start playing a few matches on the trot. Your confidence keeps improving, and you get more match experience. So once I started playing matches continuously, I started having conversations with Sanjay bhai and Anil bhai, to get an idea. They told me when you are bowling, “batsmen ke upar focus rakha kar ki woh kya kar raha hai“. From then I started studying batsmen a lot more closely, and their movement, like are they going from leg-stump to off-stump or front to back.

So is this more satisfying, to think batsmen out?

Definitely. When you are bowling to get a batsman out with a plan it’s a lot more interesting and challenging as compared to just trying to get him out. It’s a lot of fun, and I’m enjoying it. There really isn’t one specific wicket that I planned and succeeded that I rate above the rest. I have always been someone who believes in taking wickets. That’s what gets me going. I don’t count kisko out kiya, or kaise out kiya. Whether it is a tail-ender or a top-order batsman, it’s the wicket that counts.

Yes, there doesn’t seem to be a bias in terms of who you’re dismissing. 16 righties and 14 lefties, and 16 out of 30 have been in the top 4, and 12 in the tail. But what’s been amazing is the number of times you have come on in a spell taken a wicket, Matthew Wade in Pune and Adil Rashid in Chennai come to mind.

Fitness is of course the key. But it’s more about when a bowler is enjoying his bowling and is confident about what he’s doing, things start happening. It’s all a result of the hard work that I have put in over the last 10-12 months. These days, I don’t feel any pressure. It’s not like oh, ab wicket lena hi hai come what may. It’s just that I know taking a wicket is my role and it’ll happen. A fast bowler will always stick to the best ball, which he knows will get him that wicket. I have the confidence that if I bowl that ball, which for me is on a length at full pace, often enough, I can get any batsman out in any spell, on any pitch and in any situation.

You keep talking about the hard work in the last two years. How has it been different to before?

Before that I used to play on and off, and often I wasn’t getting wickets. I was left out of a Test, I was left out of a certain series. I never felt settled. But I think the maturity that I have now came after I got married. Then you start thinking about the other person, and know that there’s someone there for you always. Then you start thinking about the future more practically. Once my wife (Tanya Wadhwa) came into my life and the first 2-3 years (they married in 2013) she saw the ups and downs, she started pushing me harder. She was like yes you’re doing well and trying hard, but I think you can try harder and do better. She kept saying, “Umesh you have that ability. I think you’re not doing as much as you can.” To the extent that when there were times when I felt like let me just take a break today from training and sit at home, she’ll say, “Koi chutti nahi. Practice jaani hai toh jaani hai.” So I couldn’t bunk or even go late for practice. She was like “tum training karke aao phir free time mein jo karna hai karo“. This is your job. This is your passion, pursue it. Hearing those words from someone so close and to see her support made me realize again that cricket is my life. Sab ki nazaron mein toh theek hai, uski nazaron mein apne ko iss kaabil banao ki she thinks yes my husband deserves this and he’s got it. That was the starting point of the transformation. Those words always remain etched in my head.

It was a good fun some where in between the Hills Mulshi @y_umesh 😊 — tanya umesh yadaav (@tanya_wadhwa) 27 February 2017

So she continues to push you then?

Yes, I don’t think I’ve reached the level at which she wants to see me. She wants people to come up and say Umesh is a world-class bowler. I want to keep working hard to reach a point where she gets to hear that.

She’s in the fashion line . So when you look into the mirror, you don’t just see a better fast bowler but a more stylized person?

She’s in fashion retail. And she takes the call on most things. Even when I wanted to renovate my house, I just let her take all the calls. I can say that it’s not just my bowling that has improved but also my style and lifestyle that has improved since she came in. I have always had a passion for shoes and clothes, but these days my wife helps me a lot in my choices.

How did you two meet?

We met through a common friend. We dated for two years and then we decided it’s time we got married. Hame woh pasand aa gayi, hum dono ke aadate hume acche lagne lage, toh socha shaadi kar le. Right partner at the right time, what else can you ask for.

How did maturity reflect in your training?

I was always hard-working. But at times you aren’t as focused as you need to be. You are bowling a lot but you aren’t training with any direction. Then you realize something’s missing. What it is, you just can’t identify on your own. You need to have the mindset and focus to be the No.1 bowler in the world. Only then you can get there. So after I heard her say those things, I also realized I have pace and swing, it’s just about becoming a regular part of the team, and not just be in and out of the team anymore. It also helped that the Indian team was becoming a great unit and we got great coaches in the mix. They helped a lot in building my confidence. All my teammates are so supportive and I’m having fun in the dressing-room. And jaisa chah rahe ho, woh ho raha hai. Technically, I haven’t changed much. It’s just a clarity of thought that was needed.

Virat Kohli would always lament in his early days as captain about how his fast bowlers never had the same intensity in their later spells when the match was at the crossroads

The boys are now aware of how to deal with a spell once the body is tired. The idea is to set your field for one plan and keep bowling on that spot, and let the batsmen make mistakes. Just ensure you don’t make any mistakes.

Your career can be divided into two halves, pre-Delhi Test and post-Delhi Test..

Everyone has that Test after which you get that confidence and you get positive reviews from everyone and your own team. The management starts talking you up, then you realize that I only have to look ahead now. No point looking back. Basically in Delhi, I tried different things, like using angles from wide of the crease, dropped my arm and bowled side-arm because the ball was reversing. Because I wasn’t bowling with my natural release it was swinging late, the batsmen was confused by that movement. And it clicked.

Your economy rate and Pujara’s strike-rate always get debated over. It’s dropped drastically in your case.

It’s about focus again. Earlier what would happen is if I wasn’t getting wickets, in that quest I would bowl some half-volleys or stray down leg. Now I know what my length is and that if I keep bowling on the right spot, I will get wickets. So I realized that if I keep doing that my economy rate will come down and enhance my chances of getting wickets.

Bharat Arun had also said that you would get affected by getting hit for boundaries but that has changed…

Yes. It used to happen earlier, when you are playing one match, and sitting out the next. You get hit for a boundary, it does affect your confidence. And you start thinking about kya kare, kya na kare boundary chale gaye toh. But you learn. I have learnt to calm myself down in those scenarios, how to forget that ball and bowl a better delivery, that’s my greatest strength now I feel.

You have a background in fitness with your dad and him making you run around as a kid. But has it changed much of late and were you wary of playing nearly all of the 13 Tests in the home season?

My fitness routine is still the same. The trainer gives me a program and I stick by it. I have always known what I need to do and what I shouldn’t. My recovery, my strength program I stick to religiously. I know how much I need to train in a day. It’s very important to know your body. It comes from family background too in my case. I got it in my genes, my focus is to maintain it for as long as possible. My body is more suited to dealing with fatigue, maybe it’s God’s gift, but even when I’m tired, the body works at that same speed and intensity always without going down. My athletic background, sprinting and other sports that I played, have kept my body fit and flexible.

❤😘 — tanya umesh yadaav (@tanya_wadhwa) 14 February 2017

Did you have to change your diet. You used to be a Ghee fanatic.

No, I still keep eating ghee. No problem. Haven’t changed my diet much. I eat what I should as a sportsperson. Avoid sweets, don’t eat much fatty food, only what is required for the body. I have ghee one time a day for sure.

But a fast bowler sporting a Buddha tattoo and bowling bouncers?

I had a Mother Mary tattoo made for my late mother. Then you get that chaska. So got two more made. Shiv ji ko maanta hoon toh unka tattoo. I bowl bouncers only to get batsmen out, that’s my job so I do it, but otherwise my nature is the same like Buddha, calm and cool.

You seem to produce deliveries that fly off the wicket even on slow, low tracks…

I think if you’re confident enough and are powerful in body and mind you can produce those deliveries on any kind of wicket. You have to be aggressive as a fast bowler. I’ll bowl a bouncer on a paata and a bouncy wicket with the same intensity. Fast bowling is similar to batting in the sense like they say you have to positive and confident while playing a shot, it’s the same for a fast bowler. He has to think he’ll take a wicket on any pitch.

You have been this shy guy who seems like a reluctant star, so how are you dealing with this all this sudden-adulation?

It’s good for me. When you are so focused on doing well, and things start going your way, you stop worrying about negative things. You don’t waste your time on them. You’ll go to the ground, training and come back home. I am only focusing on what’s important for me in life, my wife, my dad, family and my cricket. The other things will take care of themselves.

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Mohali: 25 hotels, 50 banquet halls told not to serve liquor

The Mohali Excise Department on Saturday issued notices to 25 hotels and 50 banquet halls in the district prohibiting them from serving liquor starting Saturday. The notices were issued after the Supreme Court ordered not to allow serving of liquor in bars, restaurants and banquet halls located within 500 metres of the state or National Highways. Disclosing this information, the District Excise and Taxation Officer (ETO), Randeep Singh Gill told Chandigarh Newsline that they have asked the owners of 25 hotels located in Mohali, Derabassi, Zirakpur and Kharar to stop serving liquor in their bars. He added that they have also directed the concerned officials not to renew the licenses of these hotels as these are located within 500 metres from the state or National Highways.

Gill further said that from April 1, liquor cannot be served in 50 banquet halls in the district. The banquets are located in Zirakpur, Kharar and Kurali along the National Highway 21. He revealed that the L-D5 license of these banquet halls will not be renewed and liquor could not be served there from April 1 as well. Meanwhile, the owners of many marriage palaces are confused whether they will be allowed to serve liquor or not after the SC guidelines.

Speaking to Chandigarh Newsline, president of Punjab Marriage Palaces-Restaurants Association, Sukhdev Singh Sidhu, said that he is getting calls from across the state from owners of marriage palaces that they have to cancel their functions which are scheduled for April 2 as they are not clear whether they can allow people to serve liquor on their premises or not.

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IANS | 27 Mar 2017, 20:39 hrs IST

Actress Melissa McCarthy, who is married to actor Ben Falcone, says she is bad at remembering dates and years — even if it is to do with her marriage.


Arbaaz Khan Speaks Up On His Separation With Malaika Arora, Confesses He Is Dating Someone!

By now it’s known to all that Bollywood couple Malaika Arora Khan and Arbaaz Khan have parted their ways and have been living separately for a couple of years. When problems had hit their marriage life, Malaika chose to move out of Arbaaz Khan’s house and has now started living separately with their son.

For the first time, Arbaaz Khan has clear the air about the state of their marriage and accepts that they will never get back. Considering their frequent outings, it was said that reconciliation was on cards. However, Arbaaz has rubbished all the reports. The actor has also spoken about his relationship status for the first time and has revealed that he is dating someone.

Arbaaz opened up in an interview with DNA and said that there was no chance of them getting back together. He said, “I guess if that was to happen it would have happened in the first six months, or one year. It didn’t and it’s been almost three years now.”

He added, “I wouldn’t want to speak for her. I kept my option open despite us parting ways, and I gave it a little time, whether it was a year or two years before I moved on in certain ways. Even as far as dating somebody is concerned.”

Well, since Arbaaz announced that he has ended 17 years of marriage with Malaika, he has been linked up to many girls. The actor has been seen sharing lots of photos with a mystery girl on his Instagram account.

Reacting to the same, Arbaaz said, “Which one? If you are talking about Yellow, she is just a friend. She is somebody who I meet when went go to Goa. She owns a restaurant.”

The actor further admitted that he is dating someone. “I am dating, yes. But we are not… As of now, there is still a long way to go,” he said.