CISF aims to rid 59 airports of hand bag stamping practice by year-end

After doing away with stamping of hand baggage in seven airports, the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) will aim at doing away with the practice in 59 airports across the country. “By the end of this year the practice would be followed at the 59 airports of the country,” said O P Singh, director, CISF, at a press conference in Kolkata.

He said BSN Reddy, who would soon be made AIG (technical), will look into technological intervention into airport security. Referring to incident of a Shiv Sena MP hitting an airline official, Singh said, “CISF is there to protect aircraft security and only if the pilot demands can we enter the aircraft and intervene.”

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9 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Divergent’ Hottie Theo James

One of the best parts about the Divergent series is Theo James as the sexy and tattooed, Four. Seriously, we don’t even really need to pay attention to the plot of the sci-fi thriller when he’s onscreen. In celebration of the British God’s 31st birthday, here are 9 things you never knew about Theo James.

1. His real name is Theodore Peter James Kinnaird Taptiklis.

Obviously, Theo James is just a tad easier to spell.

2. He used to clean up dead people’s body fluids.

This was his job when he worked for the National Health Service in England. Acting might just be a little easier.

3. Theo fell into acting by accident.

After graduating from the University of Nottingham, his girlfriend at the time wanted to try out for Drama School. Theo went along for the ride and ended up getting in. The girlfriend however, did not.

4. He got his big break on Downton Abbey.

Unfortunately, his character, Mr. Kemal Pamuk only lasted one episode because he dies in the middle of a sex session. However, Pamuk changes the course of the ENTIRE show.

5. He adores Harry Potter just as much as we do.

Theo confessed to GQ that he was hesitant about being in a YA franchise, but he remembered being obsessed with Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings growing up.

6. He can beat box!

Seriously, this dapper dude has rhythm. He was also a singer and guitarist in a band called Shere Khan.

7. He’s quite keen about practicing his smooches.

Theo spilled the beans at an LA press conference for Divergent. He said, “I wanted to practice the kissing scene as much as possible, I kept being like, ‘listen, we need to go over that scene again.’ Genuinely, though, we wanted it to be as good as possible because that’s the only time [Tris and Four] get together. When they eventually kiss, I want it to seem earned and not just, ‘Oh, they need to get it on.’” We’re available if you need more practice Theo!

8. He’s a hero in real life!

Theo’s Divergent costar Zoe Kravitz chatted with SheKnows about a trailer door getting accidentally slammed in her face. She said, “The door slams shut…and I just feel the blood coming down.” Theo then had her lie down and applied ice. “Being the gentleman that he is…he was like, ‘Do you want to see it or do you not want to see it? It’s not that bad, but it’s kind of bad’” What a gentleman!

9. He’s been called the next Brad Pitt!

We’ll take it!


Now, a web portal to rate how ‘patient-friendly’ your doctor is

In 2015, city-based doctor Dr Arun Gadre conducted a study of problems faced by doctors who were trying to practice ethically. He met 78 doctors across India to interview them on the present status of private healthcare in India. Recalling how the doctors shared their experiences with him, Gadre said, “it was sort of a whistle-blower outburst of frustration among doctors about the stark commercialisation of the profession.” Based on his study, he wrote a book in Marathi — Kaifiyat — followed by a second part of the book launched by Gadre’s friend, Dr Abhay Shukla. The second book, Dissenting Diagnosis, talked about solutions to the problem of unethical medical practices.

Last year, Gadre and Shukla, along with other like-minded doctors, Dr Anant Phadke and Dr Abhijit More, launched the Pune Citizen Doctors Forum (PCDF). On the occasion of World Health Day, on April 7, PCDF will launch a web portal — — that will allow patients to rate their doctors by registering the doctor’s name on the portal and answering six questions. The questions are: What is your overall experience, did the doctor give you adequate time, did the doctor explain your disease and the required treatment, did the doctor answer your queries, did your doctor refer you to a specific drugstore, and do you think the charges were transparent?

Based on the answers given by the patient, the system will automatically generate a score and based on that score, the doctor’s name will be automatically added to the list of patient-friendly doctors. “The forum will not do anything… it’s the patients who prepare the list. The patients can give their feedback while remaining anonymous. We want the patients to judge their doctors more objectively. If more patients register their doctors and share their opinion, the list will be valid. The information may be useful for other patients looking for ethical doctors. For instance, if a patient is looking for a cardiologist, s/he may visit the website and look for cardiologists registered there,” explained Phadke.

The Forum has an advisory board which comprises eminent persons from medical and social fields, such as senior gynaecologist Dr Sanjay Gupte, RTI activist Vivek Velankar, Dr Pratibha Kulkarni, and senior activist of consumer rights, Suryakant Pathak, among others. The managing committee members include doctors as well as people from other backgrounds — Dr Sharda Bapat, Dr Shreeram Geet, Dr Madhavee Agashe, Ulhas Sawant and Deepak Tawri, among others.

The Forum aims to organise discussions among patient-friendly doctors and local residents on topics such as the patients’ rights and responsibilities, dilemmas in rational, ethical practice, the policy of health care for all, to understand each other’s problems and help each other take remedial steps, to make patients aware of not only their rights but also of their responsibilities, to prepare and publish with the help of such doctors, standard educational material in the layman’s language.

The primary aim of the portal is to overcome the growing ‘trust deficit’ between patients and doctors. “We don’t want to make sweeping statements against doctors. There are good and bad people in all professions. There is a community of doctors who want to practice medicine ethically. It is a dwindling community but it does exist… there is a section of enlightened citizens as well as a group of ethical and rational doctors. We want to bring these two groups together…,” said Dr Phadke.

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Zaheer happy playing sidekick to strong pace contingent

IPL 2017

Zaheer happy playing sidekick to strong pace contingent

Cricbuzz Staff • Last updated on Fri, 31 Mar, 2017, 09:15 PM

The Delhi Daredevils squad is replete with pacers including Morris (l), Rabada, Cummins & Shami. © BCCI

Despite not having played competitive cricket for close to a year, since featuring in the previous edition of the Indian Premier League, Delhi Daredevils skipper Zaheer Khan is confident that he can ease into his bowling role, albeit a supportive one.

Speaking to the media ahead of the 10th edition of the tournament, the 38-year-old left-arm seamer said he was up for the challenge. “It’s very difficult to not play any match and then to turn up here and play the whole season. I look at it as a challenge. I stick to my routines along with discussion I have had with my trainers and physios,” Zaheer said.

“The process remains the same. I picked up the ball around December, got into it slowly and here I am now, ready to take on another IPL season. Every time I get on the field, the excitement comes back. It’s the right dose of cricket for me at this stage of my career.”

The Delhi franchise has a host of options when it comes to the pace department, with the likes of Mohammed Shami, Pat Cummins and Kagiso Rabada part of the setup, along with allrounders like Chris Morris, Angelo Mathews and Carlos Brathwaite. Zaheer, who is pleased with his team’s quick-bowling arsenal, is happy to play second fiddle to them.

“I have supreme fast bowlers who will take the pressure off me. I’m not playing the lead role, but just the support role. I’m playing the role I enjoy the most. This is my way of giving back to the game,” he said.

A canny bowler during his India playing days, Zaheer is considered a master when it comes to bowling despite fitness limitations. The experienced pacer, who retired from international cricket in 2015, said that managing the workload was closely related to the bowling rhythm, and that the work hours don’t matter as long as the bowler in question understands those nuances.

“When I was playing, I preferred to play more and more. When you’re in rhythm, you can maintain that. You can maintain workloads at practice. Someone like Umesh, who has played all season, he isn’t going to realise when 20 overs are done. That’s the beauty of bowling fitness.

“With all the bowlers who’ve been playing Tests and some level of cricket, it will be easier in terms of bowling fitness. The more you bowl, the better you will get. I’ve always endorsed match practice is the best practice,” he said.

Delhi’s batting order though does not threaten to take the tournament by storm unlike their bowling, with key players like Quinton de Kock and JP Duminy missing from action due to varied reasons. Zaheer, however, is confident that the young Indian batsmen can deliver effectively.

“We’ve always believed in youngsters and the potential they have. If you look at last season’s squad, you’ve got someone like Karun Nair, who has a triple century at the Test level. Shreyas Iyer has made his mark, he’s part of the Test team. These youngsters are no longer youngsters, they’re seasoned campaigners now. That is the strength of DD this year.

“You’ve got an Indian batting line-up which is more experienced and know more about of their roles. The squad is settled. We’re sitting pretty despite JP and Quinton’s unavailability. If you look at all the squads, you will find players who are missing out because of international duties and injuries. We’re prepared for the uncertainties,” he added.

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