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Was Aurangzeb a noble emperor? Twitter explodes with sarcastic ​tweets as #YoAurangzebSoNoble trends

Aurangzeb: The Mughal Emperor. (Source: File Photo) Aurangzeb: The Mughal Emperor. (Source: File Photo)

Remembered as one of the most tyrannic and despotic mughal emperors, Aurangzeb was the last monarch from his lineage to rule in India. Last month, Audrey Truschke, a scholar and author penned down a book on his life and times. Titled Aurangzeb: The Man and The Myth, the book paints a picture of the noble man beneath in an effort to shatter his popular image.

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Trushcke tweeted about the book and the subject sparked quite a lot of curiousity in her followers’ eyes. “#Aurangzeb: The Man and The Myth, now available in India at your local bookstore,” she wrote. See her tweet below:

#Aurangzeb: The Man and The Myth, now available in India at your local bookstore and http://t.co/0rC7p61x67 #Mughal #History pic.twitter.com/6RGChNsesu — Audrey Truschke (@AudreyTruschke) February 14, 2017

Not long after, several reviews of the book took the Internet by a storm. The divided opinions in the articles on Aurangzeb urged readers to see the ruler from a different point of view. In no time, it caught the attention of Twitterati and the hashtag #YoAurangzebSoNoble started trending.

From bashing him to making jokes on him, Twitter was abuzz with tweets and memes on Aurangzeb. Check out some of the best sarcastic Twitter reactions here.

#YoAurangzebSoNoble Mughal emperor Aurangzeb killed millions of Hindus, why do we glorify such invaders in India? Is is called sickularism? pic.twitter.com/cVLwDlB2PK — Amit Dagwar (@Saffron_earth) March 29, 2017

@FrustIndian #YoAurangzebSoNoble that he always said “OmShanti” before beheading all kafirs — Shalini Tiwari (@Tiwari14Shalini) March 29, 2017

#YoAurangzebSoNoble that he used to do ‘Surya Namaskar’ before killing Hindus. — PhD in Bak*****!! (@Atheist_Krishna) March 29, 2017

#YoAurangzebSoNoble he gave 30 weeks maternity leaves to all Hindu women he raped. — Eminent Intellectual (@padhalikha) March 29, 2017

I hope @AudreyTruschke has kids, else who will whitewash crimes of ISIS and tell Yezidis in future to love ISIS? #YoAurangzebSoNoble pic.twitter.com/fe0v5zSNCu — Yogi Adityanath (@reviewero) March 29, 2017

#YoAurangzebSoNoble that he used elephants to crush innocent Hindus coz why should he have all the fun! http://t.co/q6LuCLPxto — The 90’s Myth (@mithil_cr7) March 29, 2017

#YoAurangzebSoNoble that he raised triple talak issue first time !!! — Sunil (@mainlooserhoon) March 29, 2017

#YoAurangzebSoNoble that he used to boil people alive to disinfect them — Jackfruit (@arallan78) March 29, 2017

#YoAurangzebSoNoble he killed only 4.6 million people out of ~100 million people — Yellow (@PeeliHaldi) March 29, 2017

Yakub Memon was innocent.

Osama Bin Laden was innocent.

Burhan Wani was innocent. And now they say #YoAurangzebSoNoble! — Roopal (@roops91) March 29, 2017


He didn’t want his father& bros to be burdened with the responsibilities of throne

Put his father in jail & killed bros — Rita (@RitaG74) March 29, 2017

#YoAurangzebSoNoble Aurangzeb was such an Indian at heart that he burnt Nalanda University instead of burying it underground — IndiaFirst (De-Mo) (@rahul_sane) March 29, 2017

#YoAurangzebSoNoble that

Whenever he went in Mandir to desecrate the idols, he removed his shoes before entering.. — Ekita (@LostByWaves) March 29, 2017

Do you have any legit reason to call him noble? Tell us in the comments below.

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