WATCH: Someone traced the woman of ‘yeh bik gayi hai gormint’ and she proves yet again why she is the boss!

The woman’s video went viral multiple times before she became an international meme. The woman’s video went viral multiple times before she became an international meme.

What kind of things catch the fancy of the Netizens is hard to explain. From unusual photographs to movie scenes and even normal interviews of people — fodder for the Internet is just inexplicable. But once something generates interest, people can often go berserk with it. And undoubtedly the biggest meme of 2016 that has still been reigning in 2017 is the ‘Yeh bik gayi hai gormint’ meme. Yes, the elderly Pakistani woman whose ranting against the gormint aka government took Internet by storm.

The famous ‘aunty’ who went on a fierce ranting about how she was fed-up with the local government when a TV journalist interviewed her way back in July 2016, has been finally traced by someone. Yes, owing to her enormous celebrity status it’s not strange that someone took an expedition to trace her down. After all, she is more than a meme now and has become an international phenomenon. More than Pakistan, surely Indian Netizens are biggest fans. From AIB to Netflix India, no one was spared by her aura.

And yes, the feisty lady is still nailing it in style. She talked about growing up and how even ‘Oye’ was considered as an expletive. On further query, why now her language is often laden with profanity, she unabatedly replied, “Jaisa desh, waisa besh.”

Watch the full video here

Here are some hit ‘yeh bik gayi hai gormint’ memes of this year. Beyond memes however, there are loads of merchendise and accessories which are widely availble online with the hit aunty’s face and her even more famous line!

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